Thursday, September 8, 2011

Game Jerks

    One day Angle was playing Call of  Duty Black Ops with his friends online. Angle was always competitive. He started  to say "you guys suck. I'm the king of this game . No one can beat me. What losers you guys are." Than Kenneth blocked him because he was tired of hearing him.  The next day he brought a new game to school  called "Mario Avengers" that his dad bought him.  Angle said, "do you guys want to play "Mario Avengers" with me." They all left while he was talking except  Hamiltun. He said,"Kind of."
Angle said," Okay come to my house at 4:00 o'clock tomorrow sharp."
                             "The next day at 4:00 o'clock"
 "Hamiltun you made it,"said Angle. They started to play with someone name Soul. Soul started to say,     "you think you guys can beet me well you guys are wrong because you guys are crazy." Than Angle        blocked him and said," Wow, that guy is a jerk!" Than  Hamiltun said, " You should hear your self when  your playing a game online.""Ooh sorry if I am to ruff on you guys warn me when I'm talking to                much,"said Angle. "Okay," said Hamiltun.
                                                        The End

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  1. Your story was fantastic because in the end one of his friend except his apology when he didn't think he was that bad to them while they were playing game and maybe prof read your story okay. It was still great!